Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question? This is where we can help you the quickest. Find answers to frequently asked questions about our online shop and the processing of your order.

Why can't I pay by invoice or in instalments?

In the event of purchase by invoice, the service provider MF Group Factoring AG will be in charge of processing and its standard terms and conditions shall also apply, which provide in particular also for the possibility of a credit check. Weseta Textil reserves the right to exclude payment by invoice at its sole discretion and without giving reasons.
In any event, a purchase by invoice is not possible in the following cases:
• The shipping address does not match the billing address.
• There are still outstanding amounts from invoices for another order.
• Your shopping cart exceeds a value of CHF 1,000.00.
• Orders for gift vouchers cannot be purchased by invoice.

To which address do I send my return?

You can send your return to the following address:
Weseta Textil AG
Bergen 4
CH-8765 Engi
Glarus Switzerland
This address is already noted on the returns form enclosed with the delivery.

We attach great importance to the protection of your data. You can find the details in the separate data protection regulations
Always wash at the temperature shown on the care label: 60˚. You can use heavy-duty detergent to wash white terry cloth at 95˚, but this contains bleaching agents and optical brighteners, which can lead to lead to colour stripping of dyes in coloured terry cloth.
Terry cloth becomes particularly soft and fluffy when dried in a tumble dryerdried dryer because of its air pockets (easy care setting). This is a recommendation so that your products remain fluffy and soft for a long time. However, it is not a must.

Loose threads? Don’t worry about it! Terry cloth is a fabric with loops, so loose threads o can simply be cut shortcan short. Never pull them.